Read Carefully – Coronavirus advise 0034602174422 whatsapp

1st of all… In these hard moments….A minute of silence, for all families, business, old people, the hard life-loses, and all the money we was lost, for this heavy sittuation, the world was never life before.

2st.. We make deliverys and RESTART to work at 25 – june – 2020. Since now to 25st, we are CLOSED, and all the merchandise was SAVED in a SAFE-BOX. We re-start working full of energy, and motivated when all this fucking Coronavirus, goes down, and post-offices, and life turn to normality. 

We wish to all our customers, the most positive energy, and best vibes to keep strugglin, hustle & Motivated.

Much love, Team 0034602174422 whatsapp