Outdoor Weed Quality & Strains

Outdoor Prices:

Minimum Purchase: 25 grams

Price per gram: 6 euro/gram

Kilo price: Maximum purchase 2kilo, 1 kilo for 2.99 euro a gram, 2 kilo for 2,59 euro a gram

Payment Mode: We accept Bitcoin – Trusted Customers Paypal

Always same prices.

Our Outdoor strains – Depends of “date”, quantity, season:

Spanish Amnesia haze, Haze, Lemon haze, Lemon kush, critical +, critical 2.0, pinneaple kush, channel, channel kush, jamaican blue, afgan kush, psicodelicia, lemon cake, sour diesel, ak47, cacholope, chocolope, jack herer, moby dick, purple kush, purple haze.

We always explain in every strain, quantity, quality grade, and real pictures.

Purchases to: sat97800@gmail.com or 0034602174422 whatsapp with strain to buy , quantity, adress, details, subject, OUTDOOR.

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